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Privacy Policy

Blogging Mentor is an online informative blog site that is dedicated to provide knowledge and info on various topics and niches. Due to the wide range of topics on the blog site, it serves numerous people online as their source of all trending and updated news. 

However, at Blogging Mentor, keeping our readers and visitors satisfied is our top priority. And as a part of it, the privacy of the readers is very important to us. Our blog site has a carefully crafted Privacy Policy which is created with the privacy of our readers in mind. 

Privacy Policy of Blogging Mentor 

Every website on the internet is connected with other websites and oftenly uses users’ information and data for the betterment of their website. The same thing goes with Blogging Mentor. As the website is in a constant process of evolving for betterment, we also collect some information from our visitors. However, what type of data is collected and how we use it is thoroughly discussed in the Privacy Policy of Blogging Mentor. 

Most of the data that is collected by our blog site are voluntarily shared by the users. Moreover, there is some other general information such as IP address and geolocation of the visitors which is collected by the system of the website. 

At this point, it should be noted that by connecting with our website in any way or subscribing to our newsletter and email service, the user is giving us their consent and agreeing to the Privacy Policy of Blogging Mentor. 

Data Collected By Blogging mentor 

Most of the data collected by Blogging Mentor are shared by the users voluntarily. If a user subscribes to our newsletter or email service, they are required to provide some of their personal information such as name, address, email address and username. This information is saved by us and used in the future for making a reliable and trustworthy relationship with the user. 

Moreover, the system of the website also collects some other basic data like the geolocation of the user, IP address and digital signatures. This data is used by the system to analyze the location of the user and present them with ads and other personalized things that are popular from the region. 

However, it should be kept in mind that the data can only be collected if the user wishes to use the services of the website and if they are not so sure about sharing the information, they can discontinue use of the website at any time. 

What is Collected Data Used For? 

The data that if collected by the Blogging Mentor blog site can be used for following reasons: 

  • It helps our blog site to present our users with the preferred goods and services.   
  • It makes the quality of our services as approachable as possible. 
  • It helps us comprehend and analyze correctly about areas requiring more improvements.
  • Help us offer relevant advertisements to our users that might hold some interest to them.  
  • It ensures a user-friendly and comfortable experience on the platform of the website.   
  • To witness and monitor any sort of fraudulent acts that may occur.   
  • It helps us sort through email preferences easily. 
  • It lets us create a personalized atmosphere for the users. 


The Blogging Mentor blog site uses cookies which help the blog site to enhance the user experience. Using cookies the blog site is able to give the user a more personalized atmosphere including the preferred information and advertisements. 

Third Parties 

Blogging Mentor is connected with various third-party websites. This helps the website connect the users with their preferred contents on another website on the internet. 

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